Falcon Investigations and Security Training Academy

Our training academy provides law enforcement training to individuals who hold the appropriate level of prerequisites to enter the programs.

Our intake requirements ensure that all of our students will have the appropriate abilities to benefit and adapt to the training programs.

The result is that each student who successfully completes the training will have skills that will allow them to enter into the industry within the field they have chosen.


The courses include:

  • Security Officer Training Course - Certificate Level 2, 3 and 4
  • Crowd Controller Training Course
  • Firearm Training Course
  • Baton Training Course
  • Special Body Guard Training Course
  • VIP Protection Training Course
  • Private Investigator Course
  • Surveillance Course

Scope of Training

Our scope of training can be expanded to other areas of the state and can include specific customer requirements. We also offer investigator training to State Government bodies or companies who require an internal qualified investigator to be on staff to fulfill legislative requirements.