Patrol and Security Services

Newcrest Security provides day to day patrol and guard services to act as a deterrent to security breaches or issues providing a swift and reliable response to any incidents that may occur.

Security Officers

The security we provide our customers begins with our stringent staff selection and training procedures in conjunction with our continuous 25 years of operation resulting in a trustworthy, loyal and competent work force able to support any security function at any level.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a safe, protected environment and represent them in a professional manner. Our uniformed officers will always be well presented with quality uniforms and similarly well attired in plain clothes as required for certain operations.

Crowd Controllers

Our carefully selected and well trained officers have the experience and integrity to provide a secure environment for our customers in a responsible and professional manner.

Our officers are equipped to deal with a wide range of situations in a firm, fair and courteous manner. Newcrest Security have numerous testimonials praising our staff for providing efficient crowd control services in a wide range of situations.

Armed Guards

Where armed officers are required our officers have the relevant licensing, training and police clearances.

Static Guards

Providing building and retail premises with a constant security presence, uniformed static guards provide a much improved secure environment for our clients and the people visiting them.

Range of Services

  • Fully uniformed and equipped security guards
  • Receptionist or entry security
  • Property patrol
  • Escort service – staff, cash or valuables
  • Crowd control
  • Alarm response
  • Covert security surveillance