Private Investigations & Surveillance

Under the umbrella of Newcrest Security and Investigation Services Pty Ltd we also own and operate a Licensed Private Investigations Service and a Security Training Academy.

Our investigators are able to assist with all aspects of covert surveillance and investigation work. Please talk to Joe Borg personally to arrange these services.

We have over 25 years of expertise in regards to investigation and surveillance and hold the appropriate licences to undertake this work.


This can cover a wide range of areas including but not limited to business and insurance fraud, workers compensation, background checks, missing persons, cheating spouses, workplace bullying and employee theft.

We understand that from time to time, businesses and individuals have a need to verify suspected behaviors, or investigate improper conduct and that undertaking such enquiries in person is simply not an option.

We are well versed in all areas of this type of work and have a thorough understanding of the various legal and ethical issues involved.

We seek to undertake a thorough, objective investigation with a view to getting to the truth at the heart of the matter.


Surveillance is an extremely useful tool when gathering evidence about a person or a business, whether that evidence is simply for peace of mind or to present in a court hearing.

Surveillance means observing a person and recording the activities of that person.

When investigators carry out surveillance today we are aided by covert cameras, mobile phones, GPS mapping and other computer technology but the core skills remain important as ever, because there is no substitute for having an experienced, licensed investigator observing the subject of an investigation and gathering evidence directly in the field.

Put simply, surveillance gets the best results